‘50 Cent’ Releases New Music, Ashley Judd Ponders Higher Office

doc-speak Trivia: What recent incident happened between ‘50 cent’ and another artist who’s close to Alicia Keys? (See answer below)

“Hey ‘50 cent,’ meet Ashley Judd. Ashley Judd, meet ‘50 cent.’” This is not the kind of hook-up you might be thinking. What would bring these two together? Judd is an actress from country-music royalty; ‘50’, the acclaimed rapper/actor who’s new at philanthropy. They both wear many hats in and out the office.

When you think of ‘50’ a slew of hits come to mind. The guy has moved his game from the streets to the boardroom. As a businessman he’s always looking to invest and invent. Both Judd and ‘50’ are known in pop culture for their professional game/calling. It’s how fans see their working identity.

Rumor has it that Judd is looking at higher office. She’s thinking about a U.S. Senate run. Now. higher office is not always tied to politics. Sometimes it’s about a spiritual identity that allows your soul to shine from sun-up to sundown. Even Steve Harvey understands that your calling can occupy a spiritual space.


As with many celebs, everyday people also make shifts on the job and in life. After a while some things lose the excitement. Oprah felt that way which caused her to end her talk show. But that wasn’t the end of her career. She’s shown how your true calling brings money and glory by managing your legacy identity.

Recently, ’50’ made an appearance at the CNN Heroes Awards. Raise your hand if you were surprised? (I see ya!) Whether you’re hardcore or country-music pure, you can get the most out of your game and fame. It’s not just about your personal success, but in how your calling becomes your natural identity.

Tip: Your calling is the coming-together of work, play and service as well as your past, present and future to forge your natural identity.

Answer: Swizz Beatz (Alicia’s husband) was accused of leaking a ‘50 cent’ unreleased track on the Internet.

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