What Happened When Dr. King ‘Dropped The Bomb’ on America?

Trivia: Who is possibly the lone surviving person that was a speaker at the March on Washington when Dr. King gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech? (see answer below)

doc-speak History was made recently when the King Holiday coincided with the Inauguration. Many are still trying to label or discredit President Obama’s speech. Others are savoring the moment. It’s almost as if the President was channeling history from the days when Dr. King dropped the bomb on America.

Sure, Dr. King was a peace advocate. But the bomb he dropped with his fiery words triggered an ‘earth movement’ for change. This gave fuel to the Civil Rights agenda. That’s not unlike what President Obama’s speech could accomplish. He laid out an agenda to fuel a 21st century change movement.

So what might this movement be? At the time of King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech the focus was on jobs and poverty. Many were being left out of the American Dream. We the people had a choice to make. He moved us from being caught-up in hate to being taught-up in love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Some say President Obama’s speech was about setting the stage for his legacy. Others think it was about a Liberal agenda. The King influence on the speech might say it was about challenging us to turn splintered fears into crystallized dreams. If he could win a second term, then anything is possible.

At the end of the program President Obama stopped to face the King and Lincoln memorials. He could be heard saying “let me pause a moment to take this in.” Well, now that we’ve had our moment to pause and experience history, let’s pick-up the pieces and make the next move for justice and unsung dreams.

Tip: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an ideal to be made real in our paychecks and in how we feel.

Answer: Congressman John Lewis

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