Who’s Gonna Call on Superman to Come See About Our Community?

Trivia: Name the actors that have played in Superman movies over the years? (see answer below)

doc-speakA young boy learns he has extraordinary power. He takes a journey of self-discovery to know more about himself. This gives a better picture of what he was sent here to do. The hero in him shines through as he must save the world from destruction. So who’s gonna call Superman to come see about our community?

That’s a question some are asking, considering the problems of gun violence, high-school dropout, poverty and financial worry. Some of the problems in the community are structural. It will take political will to fix. Others are social or self-starter issues. These we can fix with help from friends and neighbors.

Before Superman’s days there was a time when the Master kicked the Money-Changers out the Temple. These street merchants and big-money hustlers were ripping-off folks on Main Street and cheating others on Wall Street. The Master’s response wasn’t personality-driven. It was purposefully-driven.

It was said, “The Temple should be a house of prayer,” not a “den of robbers.” In other words, The Master’s response was based on market identity, not “Breaking News” identity. So it is with our communities. Focus the solutions on the branding possibilities, not simply on the stats and pathologies.


Somewhere along his journey Superman had an epiphany. He realized that his powers were not of the earth. His new found sense of purpose allowed him to become the hope of mankind. Some might think it’s a far-fetched story. But this can happen on the block as we band and brand together in the community.

Tip: The challenges in our community won’t be fixed only glock by glock but also by being branded together block by block.

Answer: George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill

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