The Miley Cyrus Outcry Reached a Fever Pitch Online and Coast to Coast


Trivia: Name the Journalist who’s back on TV and what topic is he not allowed to touch? (Answer below)

Showbiz fans were in uproar! Some believe Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs was over the top. While others who’re NY Jets fans believe head coach Rex Ryan was crazy for putting injured QB Mark Sanchez back in the game. Well, the Miley Cyrus outcry reached a fever pitch online and coast to coast.

Many parents discussed the backlash with their kids. There’s the feeling that Cyrus took ‘pushing the envelope’ too far.  Some might feel that Cyrus needs to take a lesson from Lindsay Lohan. After a while this stuff gets stale. “Hey Lindsay, give Miley a call. Tell her to watch your talk with Oprah on OWN.”

During the interview Lohan reflected on how she had to check her life to get on with her life. Going from child-star to adult-celeb has its moments. The same might be true for career shifts, branding makeovers and professional comebacks. Keep one eye on your shelf-life and the other on your half-life.

It’s like comparing a product on the shelf with an ingredient in the factory. The product has a shelf-life that says how long it’s available for purchase before having to be dumped. The ingredient has a ‘half-life’ which is the elapsed time before it loses half its effect. Both offer lessons about keeping market value.

Maybe Cyrus should avoid controversy. If overdone, her brand could get dumped beyond Disney. As her real measure of talent is overlooked, she could be speeding-up the time where her career loses value-adding effect in the market. Lohan could explain to Cyrus how shelf-life and half-life affect your work-life.

Tip: The key to keeping market value in your work-life is to have one eye on your shelf-life and the other on your half-life.

Answer: Keith Olbermann on ESPN2; not allowed to discuss politics