Diana Nyad Showed What it Takes to Step into Your Breakthrough


Trivia: Who is the most recent Hollywood actress to become hitched? (Answer below)

Diana Nyad did something most can’t imagine pulling off. She swam from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. The 100+ miles stretch took close to 53-hours to complete. This was her fifth attempt after the first time 35-years ago. With all the challenges she faced Nyad achieved a feat that’s gonna be hard to beat.

She made it through with the motto ‘find a way.’ At the end Nyad shared a personal message. “Never give up; you’re never too old to chase your dreams; teamwork makes the dream work.” They’re words to live by for the long-term jobless, everyday worker and budding entrepreneur to step into your breakthrough.

Some experts say it was her physical fitness. Others say her mental toughness. Nyad had that and more going for her as she was able to ‘trust and believe hard.’ She believed hard in her abilities and training. She trusted hard in her team’s support and advice. Even when all else fails, trust and believe God hard.

The way to ‘trust and believe hard’ is like how a car tire handles pressure. When you drive for a long time the air gets hot and the tire expands. If more passengers enter the car the tire’s surface area spreads. Therefore, it makes greater contact with the road. This might explain why it feels like a smoother ride.

Nyad’s ‘trust and believe’ stance gave strength to maintain her composure the same way a tire handles pressure. She had to ditch past attempts due to adverse conditions. But this time (as God would have it) the stars lined-up so that the weather, wildlife and waves behaved. This made for a shore to shore finish.

Tip: On any given day you can ‘find a way’ knowing there’s no need to sweat it because you believe in yourself, no need to panic when God’s in it!

Answer: Scarlett Johansson

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