Lamar Odom Puts a Kink in the Image of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’


Trivia: What Burger Shop is raising its starting salary to $15/hour? (Answer below)

The rumors have been swirling for weeks. Many were about whether NBA star Lamar Odom was having problems at home. Then it seems things shifted to talk of drug abuse. Meanwhile, back at the Kardashian ranch, the family has been fairly quiet. Odom seems to put a kink in the image of the Kardashians.

Magic Johnson tweeted his best wishes. Maybe former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irving is hoping Odom can get back on track. Irving has bounced back from past setback in his life. The news is that Odom checked into rehab. Hopefully he spends enough time reviewing the 12-step program.

While Odom is dealing with marriage confidentiality others are working through some uncertainty. Maybe it’s about keeping up their skills, keeping up with the next career move or keeping up with their dreams. It’s hard to know if a 12-step program exists for these issues. But the ‘Invisible Man’ always has a plan.

There was the TV show back in the ‘70s where the lead actor became invisible to test a new invention. Those who knew the deal would track his steps as doors opened, things moved and danger was avoided. The process that made him invisible got stuck and his team had to work on making it un-stuck.

At times we can find ourselves feeling stuck. Follow the lead of the ‘Invisible Man.’ Take steps in the direction of the invisible hand. Watch doors get opened, obstacles flipped and meltdown be avoided. If we heard Magic Johnson right, God has a way of moving things out of the way so we can see a brighter day.

Tip: The ‘Invisible Man’ always has a plan for getting un-stuck by simply moving things out of the way.

Answer: Moo Cluck Moo (Seriously!)

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