Valerie Harper Keeps Defying the Odds One Day at a Time


Trivia: Who will play the lead role in the “Gabby Douglas Story” set for 2014 on Lifetime? (Answer below)

How about that Valerie Harper? Here’s someone who received a terminal diagnosis nine months ago. She was given three to six months because of the cancer she was battling. Recently Doctors updated her health status. Her cancer is not gone but at bay. Valerie Harper keeps defying the odds one day at a time.

Good old Rhoda from the 70s sitcom ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ is one of this season’s contestants on Dancing with the Stars. At first she was concerned about taking on such a challenge. Many Doctors now agree that exercise is good for cancer patients. Plus, dance practice keeps her mind off the condition.

Harper says life gives us the opportunity to dance. She’s doing all she can to live in the moment. Harper is an inspiration to patients and staff alike. The Doctors say it’s hard to explain the revised prognosis. Even though treatment involves attacking the cancer at the source, it can return at any time.

Maybe Harper’s story is serving out a higher purpose. In our daily grind we all strive to live out our life’s purpose. But sometimes life throws us a curve ball that brings some pain. Getting past the pain and seeing the silver lining shows us the higher purpose. This higher purpose points us to the life Source.

For Harper the Electric Slide would have been enough. But she will have to work on her cha-cha and ballroom moves. Baseball hall-of-famer Yogi Berra once said “it’s not over until the fat lady sings.” Maybe Harper’s legacy will inspire others to see that “it’s not over until your life’s purpose makes you dance.”

Tip: For athletes and non-athletes alike, seeing the silver lining in life is about getting past the pain and arriving at the higher purpose.

Answer: Imani Hakim who plays Tonya from “Everybody Hates Chris”

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