Katy Perry Held on for Dear Life After Being Ditched as Wife


Trivia: Who’s Katy Perry’s new love interest? (Answer below)

Katy Perry is the current Billboard magazine cover girl. She’s featured in the issue and recounts her devastating divorce. Perry gives a candid interview on her darkest moments. At times it felt like her head was spinning while the world was upside down. Perry held on for dear life after being ditched as wife.

She’s also promoting her upcoming album entitled PRISM. Perry says much of her music comes from personal experience. The real-deal nature makes it tell her story. One song reveals how she was dumped via text message. Another tells how “By the Grace of God” she out-wrestled suicidal thoughts.

Perry was able to resist the danger of ‘calling it quits’ by asking questions like “Do I want to endure? Should I continue living?” She lay on the bathroom floor which might explain how she arrived at the answers. Often bathrooms have surround-view mirrors. This gives multiple angles for seeing the full you.

So the album title is probably no accident. A prism breaks up the spectrum of light. This helps show its component colors. Similarly, being able to break up the spectrum of life can provide far-reaching benefits. Perry might have been able to separate her role as an artist and celebrity from her true calling.

She’s moved on since the personal break-up. Perry seems more content in her own skin and with her new man. Maybe the communication is good and the lovin’ strong. The debut single of her album gives a good metaphor for life. When it seems like all hope is lost, just step back and give a big roar.

Tip: When things feel down as they sometimes do, take a look in the mirror and let the prism effect help break-up the spectrum of life.

Answer: John Mayer

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