Malala Yousafzai Shows How To Rise Above the Storms of Life


Trivia: Who is the former politician’s mistress now doing an apology tour? (Answer below)

It was just another day in the neighborhood. Malala Yousafzai was on her way home from school. She was riding the school bus along with her friends. Then someone boarded the bus and asked “Who is Malala?” That was a life and death moment. But Malala shows us how to rise above the storms of life.

At a young age she became an advocate for education. Many in her community were inspired by her commitment. Malala encouraged her peers on the importance of reading and writing. Even though the Taliban issued threats Malala continued in her fight for liberation by speaking out on gender inequality.

Then came the fateful day she was shot at point-blank range. She’s seen a miraculous recovery in just over a year. She was invited to speak at the U.N. Malala was even considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. Her story reminds us that wider success comes not by power nor by might but by an increase in flow.

Just think about where most rivers get their energy. It starts with rain that runs-off from the mountain. This water travels a path connected to streams. These streams then become rivers which lead to a wider body of water in the ocean. Success is really transferring personal and professional energy into a bigger value.

For some it’s an increase in the flow of expertise. Their skills and abilities just take off. For others it might be the flow of resources. There’s a coming-together of human and financial capital. In the case of Mulala she has shown an increase in the flow of health and divine grace as she rises above the storm in her life.

Tip: Rising above the storms of life can take an increase in the flow of spiritual resources and professional expertise.

Answer: Rielle Hunter, former mistress to John Edwards

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