Ruben Studdard’s Back on Stage for a Whole Different Reason


Trivia: Who do researchers say is one of the most fan disliked players in the NFL? (Answer below)

He was the winner on season two of American Idol. Ruben Studdard became known as the “velvet teddy bear” because of his voice and looks. Since winning it all on Idol he’s released a couple albums, gotten married and done concert tours. But now Ruben Studdard’s back on stage for a whole different reason.

Studdard is one of the contestants on the new season of Biggest Loser. He checked in as the heaviest of all the players at 462 pounds. Studdard has a family history of high blood pressure and has been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. So he feels it’s a godsend being invited to participate on the show.

Studdard says he wants to get a better handle on his weight and lifestyle. Earlier in his life he had aspirations to be a national recording artist. Idol helped him achieve that goal. Now he wants to make a change so that when he leaves the show he’s a better man personally and professionally.

That‘s probably not unique to Studdard. To make lasting change even in organizations takes a sense for the main purpose or main thing to be achieved. It takes a sense for the higher purpose of greater worth and deeper value. It’s also having a sense for the legacy purpose. How will the changes stick and live on.

What would it mean for Studdard if he were the last man standing at season’s end? Well, for one he’d be a double winner on Reality TV. But that’s not where his focus lies. Studdard just turned 35 and knows that he needs to make a change sooner rather than later. This way he’d be just as proud being biggest loser.

Tip: Making change that lasts takes connecting the dots on the main purpose, higher purpose and legacy purpose, within reason.

Answer: Michael Vick

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