Oprah’s List of Favorite Things Has Grown Leaps and Bounds


Trivia: What’s the name of Carrie Underwood’s co-host on the CMA Awards (Answer below)

It looks like the Christmas holiday season is in the building! Many stores have already setup their seasonal displays. Some stores seem to have the smell of the holidays. There’s something else that’s brewing, and it’s not coffee. It’s Oprah’s list of favorite things which has grown leaps and bounds.

This holiday attraction dates back to the 2002 season of her daytime show. It has grown in popularity over the years. Her ‘favorite things’ list has become one of the most anticipated features in O Magazine as well. Who knows, maybe it started with about 20 items, grew to 40 items and is now 60-items strong.

Oprah’s take on her list is “These are some of my ultimate, ultimate favorite things.” She went all-out with an elaborate photo spread. The Vera Wang gown she wore took 100 hours to make, has a 15-ft train and weighs around 25 pounds. Oprah says it took four hours makeup and prep for a 10-minute photo shoot.

At first it seemed like it was over-the-top. But look at it this way, professional athletes practice for at least 10 hours a week for a 2-3 hour game. TV sitcoms have dozens of takes for a half-hour show. So, it’s important to love what you do because more time’s spent in practice than performing in the game of life.

Oprah feels it’s less about the list and more about the heart. She hopes people see this as a way to share of their worth to others who’re worthy. This list is a metaphor for the joy of giving and the value of giving back. It’s maybe another reflection of how much she’s grown in mind, body, spirit and riches.

Tip: The more time spent in practice correlates to less time messing-up while performing and better results in producing.

Answer: Brad Paisley

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