Alec Baldwin and George Zimmerman, Anger Management Issues or What?


Trivia: Name the President who delivered a historic speech 150 years ago this week? (Answer below)

George Zimmerman and Alec Baldwin made news again, same stuff different day. Zimmerman’s girlfriend called 9-1-1 to report that he threatened her with a gun. Baldwin had his MSNBC show suspended after a skirmish with media. So, do Zimmerman and Baldwin have anger management issues or what?

With his 30 Rock NBC sitcom in local syndication Baldwin must have more time on his hand. In the case of Zimmerman, many feel he has Trayvon Martin’s blood on his hand. Both seem to keep repeating the same old song and dance. Could it be they have some work to do in-season and out-of-season?

Every organized sport or tv show has its season. It’s a period in which they receive a lot more attention than normal. The season provides a certain flow. Maybe that’s part of the problem. For Zimmerman, he’s yet to figure-out his true season. And Baldwin is in between gigs now that the 30 Rock season is no more.

Successful careers have their seasons as well. This is a period where many shine in the spotlight and capitalize on what they’ve sown. So, it’s important to know what you must do out-of-season to reap the rewards in-season. That means growing the fruit of your spirit and ripening the passion of your calling.

Just imagine hearing a fruit on a tree cursing-out another? Or going to the supermarket and seeing one fruit having anger management spats with another? It just doesn’t happen in fruitville. So we can learn a thing or two from the produce-section for why Baldwin and Zimmerman might be falling short of ripe.

Tip: Successful people do some growing out-of-season to be ripe for the pickings in-season.

Answer: Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

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