Nelson Mandela Did for South Africa What Few Thought Possible in a Lifetime


Trivia: What’s the name of the region where Nelson Mandela will be laid to rest? (Answer below)

What a long road to freedom! For 27 years Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his anti-Apartheid stand. The combination of global outcry and a call to conscience helped the country avoid a potential civil war. Nelson Mandela did for South Africa and the world what few thought possible in a lifetime.

It’s hard to say which one incident was the turning point in history. The country saw brutal clashes between citizens and the police. A growing list of companies signed-on to economic sanctions. Many celebrities and freedom fighters around the world kept the pressure on the South African regime.

Mandela points to his years in prison as key to his own metamorphosis. He had one or two opportunities to be released but choose not to until the government changed its ways. It’s almost as if Mandela used his personal ‘season to change’ as a preview of the change he would help usher into his country.

He went from outlaw to crafting new law. He was once a prisoner who became the country’s first democratically elected President. He stopped the minority population from being oppressors and helped the majority become dreamers. His legacy will show that when destiny is for you, who can be against you.

President Obama said Mandela was the last great liberator of the 20th century. Obama encouraged young people in Africa and the world over to embrace Mandela’s life’s work. It was a history-making goodbye as an African-American President paid his respects to an African hero. What a long road to freedom!

Tip: Neither snow nor rain, wind or hail should stop the mail from being delivered or dreams from being considered because when destiny is for you who can be against you.

Answer: Qunu

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