President Obama Sees America on a ‘Rock & Roll’ Track for Greatness


Trivia: Which Grammy-winning artist first fell in love with Hip-Hop at age six? (Answer below)

It was one of his most anticipated speeches to date. With his approval ratings on the slide, the President had to be sure he connected with Americans. On the heels of a series of setbacks in his administration he was still able to be upbeat in his message. It’s as if he sees America on a ‘rock & roll’ track for greatness.

The speech was a shot at setting the stage for his agenda. He gave some highlights of his 2014 goals and maybe even his dreams for the rest of his term. One of the memorable lines from the speech was “America does not stand still and neither will I.” That line when taken in context was truly inspirational.

Setting aside the TV pundits (whether you agree or disagree), the President seems less focused on the politics of the day and more on the service of his job. It’s not unlike what many working professionals have to consider in business. The key is to maintain a purposeful view on how you ‘rock & roll’ on the job.

The way to ‘rock’ on the job or in business is in how you do ‘more things right.’ The way to ‘roll’ is in how you do the ‘right things more.’ Yes, it’s about getting things done from start to finish with a little ‘sports talk’ in between. But it’s even more so about getting the ‘right things done more’ to raise the score.

So what it’s gonna take for President Obama to boost his approval numbers? That’s a question being debated in some circles. Whether it rises or falls further is yet to be seen. What is certain is that the President is using the rest of his time in office to usher in broader social and economic gains in greatness.

Tip: The goals set by working professionals and small businesses involve a balance between doing ‘more things right’ and the ‘right things more.’

Answer: Macklemore

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