Shirley Temple Sang, Danced and Even Had a Drink Named After Her


Trivia: Name two countries where Shirley Temple served as Ambassador? (Answer below)

Bright eyes, pretty hair! That may be one way to describe Shirley Temple. She was first-known as a child-actor who wowed audiences during the Depression era. Temple earned more money as a child that she could retire early at age 22. She sang, danced and even had a drink named after her.

There’re mixed stories as to when the drink was first named. It’s said that while at a Hollywood party she couldn’t be served alcohol as a minor. So the bartender came up with a non-alcoholic beverage that became her namesake.  Whether that’s true or not, you never heard about much personal life drama.

She stepped away from the camera and shifted gears into public service. Temple served as Ambassador on two separate occasions. She was also a delegate to the United Nations. Temple proved that acting might have been her passion but there was more to a professional life that involved vocational pursuits.

Many of today’s kids can be heard placing Shirley Temple drink orders. The mothers and daughters might even be sporting Shirley Temple curls. It’s not a lot of child actors who maintain street cred in their adult years. Temple left the world some rich memories that speak to a legacy of being remembered always.

How many people can say they’ve had something named in their honor? And how many child actors can say they made the switch from Hollywood to civic icon? Well, after you’ve called a name or two you might stop there. Temple’s life’s journey is certainly one that brought her true calling to light in many ways.

Tip: Your true calling pulls together your professional work and personal life in a way that leaves a lasting legacy.

Answer: Ghana, Czechoslovakia

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