Berry Gordy & Nelson Mandela’s Daughter Drop Wisdom in BET Honors Acceptance


Trivia: Who was the winner of the NACCP Image Award for Realty TV Series? (Answer below)

How often do we see cultural giants on the same stage? We got a glimpse at the recent BET Honors Awards. There were awards given in the areas of Entertainment, Visual/Musical Arts, Corporate Citizen and Champion of Humanity. Before it was over, Nelson Mandela’s daughter dropped some wisdom.

Berry Gordy got things rolling when he accepted the visionary award. He started Motown Records in Detroit with $800 borrowed from family. The company became a major force during the civil rights struggles of the 60s and beyond. Gordy would eventually sign a rising star named Michael Jackson.

His focus was on producing music that would be enjoyed by all people. That ideal propelled his rise, fueled by vision and passion. Gordy went on to sign a who’s who of performing artists that became widely successful in music and on stage. His business mind and eye for talent helped spur his meteoric acclaim.

Gordy shared wisdom on the music business. Nelson Mandela’s daughter did the same for her father’s life principles. It’s as if she said he maintained an inner core that was about not judging others, not being jealous of others’ success and forgiving others by moving past “retaliation thinking” towards his true calling.

This year’s show was hosted by Wayne Brady. He’s doing his Vegas show these days but we got a taste of his ad-lib fluency. That’s what rappers might refer to as “freestyling.” Maybe the real lesson from Gordy and others is that success is a matter of freestyling your game in a way that makes life’s journey fun.

Tip: The road to success has fuel stations named vision and passion that when combined with a freestyling approach to your game makes life’s journey fun.

Answer: Iyanla, Fix My Life

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