Lindsay Lohan Told to “Cut the Bull” If She Wants to Turn Things Around


Trivia: What’s the Name of Deion Sanders’ Charter School? (Answer below)

It’s a new season on Oprah’s OWN network. There’s a slate of returning shows and a slew of new ones. It seems Oprah’s show has changed names from ‘Next Chapter to Prime.’ Ex NFL star Deion Sanders also has a show built around his family playbook. But guess who was told to shape-up from the neck up?

That’s right, Lindsay Lohan was told by Oprah to “cut the bull” if she wants to turn things around. This wasn’t a threat as much as an ultimatum. That’s because Oprah and her crew have things to do, people to meet and places to go. So Maybe Lindsay will check herself before she further wrecks herself.

She might take a page from Oprah who stays on point in life by asking three questions. To make it personal Lindsay could say “Self, are you on track?” People know if life gives us lemons we ought to turn it into lemonade. Well, if life’s giving her second chances, Lindsay ought to turn it into something good.

Then Lindsay might go on to say “Self, are you in balance?” Maybe she gets this one because she’s done enough partying. She’s done enough things for enjoyment that she’s looking to expand her focus from self-gratification to purpose personification. She’s got to be about contributing to a greater good.

Just before ‘she and self’ get mad with each other Lindsay ought to say “Self, are we in flow?” Flow can come by way of a vacuum where something leaves and something takes its place. But for Lindsay, she has to move from the West Coast to the East Coast without the flow of drama stifling her from living good.

Tip: Being in the flow starts with putting some basic things on track and staying in balance.

Answer: Prime Time Academy

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