Kwasi Enin Becomes First All-Ivy League College Candidate


Trivia: Of the eight Ivy League school’s which has the highest acceptance rate? (Answer below)

Somewhere between 10th and 11th grades students start thinking college. They begin looking at various schools they’d consider going. It’s not a show-stopper if they don’t yet know their major. It doesn’t hurt to have a rough idea. Maybe that’s true for Kwasi Enin who’s been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

College Counselors say finding the right college involves fit, financial and feeling. Based on curriculum, location and other factors is this a good fit? Based on the “cost of attending” (room & board, etc.), will it work for the household financially?  After a visit to the campus, does it feel like a place they’d call home?

Enin has a decision to make. Which school will provide the right amount of financial aid and meet his goal of studying music and becoming a Doctor? He says he applied to all eight realizing that each had its own “sense of school spirit.” His stellar performance on the SAT plus his varied interests are his calling cards.

Even if a graduate, job seeker or biz leader doesn’t have such a record it doesn’t mean “game over.” Choosing the right college might be influenced by school spirit. But landing your next breakthrough might have more to do with the God in you! That’s the kind of spirit that others see beyond brawn or brains.

Enin is a first-generation American from Ghana. His parents both studied medicine and currently work in that field. He’s getting lots of advice from his school’s college counselors. Whichever college he chooses he’ll be alright. Beyond that, he probably already knows that purpose + passion = greater potential.

Tip: The God in you provides the greatest sense of personal spirit that money can’t buy and brains can’t beat.

Answer:Cornell University, 14% of applicants

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