Bryant Collins Saves a Life on a Georgia Highway After Changing His Own


Trivia: Name two Hollywood events celebrating milestone anniversaries this week? (Answer below)

It was just another day’s work. So a Georgia man was travelling on the highway on a service call for a disabled vehicle. He glimpses from the corner of his eyes what he believed to be a baby in the grass next to the highway shoulder. As fate would have it, Bryant Collins saves a life after changing his own.

The baby had crawled almost 300 yards from home through the woods. She was picked-up by Collins on the side of the road just feet from the bustling roadway. Collins called 911 and waited almost two hours for emergency personnel to arrive. He said he kept the baby calm by turning on some gospel music.

Collins has had his own bouts with the law in the past. He spent years in a Federal lock-up on drug manufacturing charges. He said he made a conscious decision to change his life while in prison. His example teaches that the decision to change happens in an instant but lasting change happens over time.

He’s stayed out of trouble and continues to be a model citizen. So much so that he feels God had a role for him to play in saving the life of this baby. Collins says he doesn’t believe in coincidences. He feels this was a God appointed time for him. It’s been said that coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous.

Collins has received lots of attention since the story broke. He’s been seen on interviews with local and national media. We can just imagine how inspired he feels for doing some good for his fellow man. That level of “juice” cannot be manufactured in the lab. When God uses us, we have the best possible high.

Tip: A high form of inspiration is when God uses us for good in a way that money can’t buy and can’t be manufactured in the lab.

Answer:20th year of OJ Simpson highway chase; 25th year of Kevin Costner in ‘Field of Dreams’ movie

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and the Real Power to Awaken Your Magnificence


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More than 50 years ago Disney released the animated movie Sleeping Beauty. It told a story of celebration turned to indignation. A princess was born but the evil fairy Maleficent showed-up uninvited to the christening. Jolie plays the evil one as the story shows the real power to awaken your magnificence.

Jolie’s character felt slighted for not being invited. So, she placed a curse on the new princess. To minimize the effects of the curse one of the good-natured fairies instead placed the princess in a deep sleep. She would only be awakened from that sleep by a kiss of true love.

This could be the story of good over evil. Maleficent’s motives did not prevail in the long-run. But even beyond that it’s the fact that to awakening the “giant in you” takes a stroke of love. That’s what passion is all about. It’s doing something you love to do so that “good, better, best” shines through.

It goes a step further as seen in the high school graduation of Griffin Furlong. He was featured on the nightly news as a “homeless valedictorian.” His speech was a reminder to the graduates of what it takes to awaken your passion. He said “You can achieve anything with motivation, ambition and purpose.”

Jolie’s movie made box-office records in its opening weekend. Some people might have gone for the throwback to Sleeping Beauty. Others might have gone to see the dark side of Maleficent. Whatever the case, our real power lays not in the hurt or slights we receive but in the love and genius that we achieve.

Tip: When you awaken your purpose and passion you bring to life your magnificence.

Answer: Dwyane Wade (The ‘y’ often gets tossed around)