Britney Spears’ Old News is Like a Dream Preview by the Hollywood Press


Trivia: What’s the name of the Planet Hollywood Shows headlined by Britney Spears? (Answer below)

She’s sold over 100 million albums worldwide. A southern girl with bayou roots, she has seen her share of controversy. These days Britney Spears is performing nightly shows in Vegas. They’re said to be a mix between club and concert-theater. But Spears’ old news is like a dream preview by the Hollywood press.

The name of her current album Britney Jean reminds you of that other star performer Michael Jackson with Billie Jean. Of-course, Spears and Jackson are in different leagues as performers. However, she’s no walkover either. That’s why her reps have come out in her defense about the song leak of ‘Alien.’

It’s not as if she re-released the track from her album which dropped in November 2013. It’s that a studio version of the song without auto-tune was leaked. Auto-tune is a fancy way of cleaning up the vocals so that it has a pristine sound. It’s like cleaning-up a youtube video download before making it go ‘live.’

The media attention might be good for her Vegas act. They’ve announced a new round of show-dates. Spears’ “new news” might tell us something about a dream preview in business and life. It’s in how the auto-tuning of work-life with purpose and your true calling give day-to-day experiences a pristine feel.

Her reps say the leak is a non-issue. Artists are known to record demo tracks when they begin working on an album. This gives the producer and musicians a snapshot of the song’s energy. Sometimes in business and in life, a dream preview is all that’s needed to make vision and energy come alive.

Tip: Sometimes in business and life, a dream preview is all that’s needed to make vision and energy come alive.

Answer: Piece of Me

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