Lebron James and HGTV’s Nicole Curtis Team-up for Block Rehab & Remix


Trivia: What cities are Lebron James and Nicole Curtis from? (Answer below)

The king is heading back home. No not Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll. No not Bobby Brown, the self-proclaimed king of R&B. Lebron ‘King’ James is looking to relocate his magic kingdom from Florida to Akron Ohio. So he and Nicole Curtis from HGTV have teamed-up for a block rehab and remix.

Curtis, the “rehab addict” is known for turning around historic properties that have fallen on hard times. She’s described as a sweet talking, hammer-wielding whirlwind. Her energy is spent rallying her hard-hat crew and haggling with town officials. When it’s all over there goes a property makeover with curb appeal.

So James’ family foundation’s Promise Project is looking to do the same for Akron homes. When kids keep certain basic promises for school work and community service, their names are entered into a drawing. The house of the winning family will receive a landscape makeover with all the tree trimmings.

This novel idea is about renewing the neighborhood similar to how Curtis is refashioning historic homes. The transformation is a good model for communities in how to turn kids into block stars. It’s about the renewing of minds as they find their voice, set their vision, shine their light and rock their groove.

James describes himself as “just a kid from Akron Ohio.” Curtis is described as a self-taught home rehabber, a master of salvage picking. She has a passion for re-purposing and creating amazing designs. Just imagine if communities do the same in turning properties and dreams from lost history into historic.     

Tip: A hometown rehab and remix project is about re-purposing properties and dreams and in the process creating block stars.

Answer: Akron OH and Detroit MI

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