Lebron James Got a Hot Hand and a Son Who’s Got Game – No Joke!


Trivia: Name three NBA players who are sitting-out the rest of the season due to injury? (Answer below)

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is true for many athletes who’ve taken their natural talent to the next level. So when Lebron James tweeted a video clip last December of his namesake son playing AAU ball it was no surprise. LJ Sr. has got a hot hand and his son’s got game – no joke!

So much so that the kid is already being ‘courted’ by college teams. Rumor has it that there’re other star players in college who had early offers while in elementary school. The NCAA rules on this issue seem to be a little fuzzy. But father James feels recruiting this early is overkill. He says “It should be a violation.”

While that’s been a big topic of discussion it’s easy to miss another Bron-Bron milestone. He is now #1 for career assists all-time as a forward in the NBA. It’s almost as if he’s been quietly racking-up assists when no one was looking. Everybody knows him as MVP, 2-time NBA champion and perennial scoring leader.

Maybe he’s made a shift in his game when most weren’t watching. There’re different ways to strive for greatness as there’re ways to add value on the stats sheets. Sometimes it’s about scoring points in your professional game. It might also be providing next-level assists or forging the will to rebound in life.

LJ Jr. will have no problem getting into college. He’ll have a little easier road than most getting to the next-level since he’s got game and his father’s got dollars. But in the game of basketball and life he’ll come to learn more about developing vision from the top down and building success from the ground up.

Answer: Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant (and maybe Derrick Rose)

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