Grant Hill Feels NCAA Should ‘Stop the Madness’ and Think About Athletes’ Futures


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The men’s NCAA Final Four tournament is in full swing and set to wrap-up around Easter. For the basketball fan-atics, this is a time of pure joy. Things start-out on a high and keep getting higher. But Grant Hill thinks the NCAA should ‘stop the madness’ and think about athletes’ futures.

It’s a very small fraction of student-athletes that become pro. So Hill wants the NCAA to begin looking at the ‘pros and cons’ of paying student athletes. He says there’s so much money these institutions make from TV distribution. In Hill’s opinion, there’s something ‘Un-American’ about the current NCAA system.

One not-so-talked about stat is the number of student-athletes that make it to the pros. There’re other stats in categories too numerous to mention. Beyond the obvious of points, rebounds and assists, there’s one called the ‘double-double.’ This is where an athlete has double-digit scores in two categories.

Maybe that’s why ‘The Three Doctors’ recommend the idea of ‘Education Pacts.’ They believe that when two or three come together for higher learning that the sky is the limit. Many recognize that organized sport is an important part of student development. The Doctors know education leads to multi-digit glory.

In a sense, this issue is about using education as a tool for investing in the ‘now and the future.’ There’s formal/traditional education that happens in school. But there’s also informal education that happens in life. Formal training leads to degree certification while the informational produces a lifetime of success.

Answer: Idris Elba

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