Kanye West Looks to Turn the Corner on His Bravado with Insightful Lingo


Trivia: Which Hollywood Director says he’s going to make his own Tupac movie? (Answer below)

Time Magazine recently announced its Time 100 List of the 100 most influential people. Many of the names to be expected were on that list, from Business to Sports to Showbiz. The event had a headline performance by Kanye West who looks to turn the corner on his bravado with insightful lingo.

West has been giving interviews to various media outlets as he launches a fashion line and is set to drop his next album. He’s been expanding his empire before and even moreso since marrying into the Kardashian family. His interview highlights are reminders that West is as much complex as he his caring.

In his chat with MTV he said “if everything I did failed – which it doesn’t, it actually succeeds – just the fact that I’m willing to fail is an inspiration. People can’t say I’m not trying, or not trying my hardest, or not trying to do the best way I know how.” It’s as if West is saying you’ve gotta stay hungry.

He tells the New York Times about a table in his home. He hates the table because it doesn’t really fit in the flow of things no matter how it’s moved around. He relates that table to his ego. No matter what’s put around it, under it, photographed with it, it seems to spoil the flow. He’s more mindful of being humble.

West joked with Lee Daniels at the event about not stealing from his act for the hit show Empire. He wants people to see he’s human, not simply as a hip-hop artist but as a cultural game-changer and social ambassador. Michael Eric Dyson might say it’s in Kanye’s DNA to mix bravado and lingo.

Answer: John Singleton

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