What America Needs Besides Politicians with Bravado and Cases of Celebrity Justice


Trivia: Which U.S. Statehouse will have a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. on its grounds next year? (Answer below)

Donald Trump thinks he’ll be the best U.S. President ever. NJ Governor Chris Christie would like to think he’s ready for the top job. He recently joined the list of ‘ready to shine’ politicians running for higher office. But who’s going say what America needs besides politicians with bravado and cases of celebrity justice?

Many civil rights advocates have called for some kind of plan in urban renewal. It would need to focus on opportunity, justice and unsung dreams. It should also address senseless violence and civic accountability. A noted historian thinks FDRs ‘New Deal’ is a template for the next steps and next level.

Those programs got to the heart and soul of America’s post-Depression era. They helped spawn a ‘middle class rising’ before income inequality took roots. In today’s times of ‘post-Recession blues’ we need to champion an ‘Urban Change Now’ effort that treats blocks, brands and budgets as social assets.

The concerns in urban communities are less about ideology and more about sociology. There’s a need for greater investment in social capital. Many don’t have the opportunity to just declare themselves fit for a job. So as the political class finds campaign money, they should also find resources for backyard issues.

Maybe there’s money to be found but not so much a ‘heart for people’ or the will to change. That’s why many citizens become turned-off, disconnected and in some cases disenfranchised. Some are hoping for a political revival that replaces newsmaker grandstanding with a sense of calling to public service.

It’s almost as if being unemployed or underemployed in the political class allows them to shop around their résumés. They believe their next job will land them in the White House. They’re the connected and relatively privileged who want us to support their platform. So how should we expect them to support us?

Dr. King proclaimed a time where “justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” So as we celebrate America’s Independence, it might be a good time for working on a ‘Mighty Rising.’ Otherwise we’ll simply be discussing a candidate’s poll numbers or debating another civilian uprising.

Answer: Georgia

Groove-tracks: John Legend ft The Roots & Melanie Fiona – “Wakeup Everybody” – https://youtu.be/iJgxJ6JrPkc

Bruce Springsteen – “The Rising” –  https://youtu.be/6i-fiRgbpr4

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