One Big Step for the History of Our Union, One Giant Leap for Industry and Mankind


Trivia: Which hip hop business star recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy? (Answer below)

This week we awoke to news of an historic deal with Iran. There was also word of never before seen pictures of the planet Pluto. Many are catching their breaths while others still reflect on the Confederate Flag’s lowering in S.C. It’s like one big step for our Union and one giant leap for industry and mankind.

Consider how the Constitution’s Framers forged a link between government and the people. This meant democratic representation. One of today’s missing links requires we ensure a connection between “The Establishment” and “The Community.” This’ll forge a framework of shared interest in the American Dream.

The events in S.C. were historic but not necessarily sufficient. Our challenge as citizens and elected officials is to move beyond symbol to the aspects of symptom and system. That’s what a good Doctor or Engineer does when attacking a problem. This will engage the next giant leap for industry and mankind.

Today we’re at a new frontier in social revolution. This is seen in social media and social justice activism. But it might also take shape through PCI – people, community and infrastructure development. The opportunity facing officials is enhancing the system to support new forms of industry/social advancement.

Consider the times of major change in our history where some were natural evolution and others were social revolution. In these cases we find certain industry sectors coming of age and into maturity. Some change brought a rise in manufacturing while others brought a rise in civil rights and tech innovations.

Removing the flag goes down in history as a shift in cultural symbolism. This doesn’t guarantee hate goes away. However, it puts history in context. But for our history, present-day expectations and tomorrow’s solutions to come into maturity it will take investing in the new enterprise space of a generation.

What Governor Nikki Haley and the legislature did over a few weeks was remarkable. It’s sad that it took senseless violence to get there. The argument for removal prevailed over the argument against. The original intent behind the raising of the flag served as a divisive symbol. So off to the museum it’s gone.

Answer: 50 Cent

Groove-tracks: Aloe Blacc – “Wake Me Up” –,

Rachel Platten – “Fight Song” –

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