When “Enough is Enough” Becomes What The People Cry-out to the Politicos


Trivia: Who’s been named the host of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? (Answer below)

Imagine Apple or Google having the same software defect affect their users over and over again? If it’s not fixed, someone would get fired or the company might see a drop in business. But it seems that’s not true across the board. Even when “enough is enough” becomes what the people cry-out to the politicos.

In the space of a few weeks we’ve seen senseless violence in Charleston SC, then Chattanooga TN and more recently in Lafayette LA. After a few days of wall-to-wall coverage in the media, the stories tend to disappear from headlines. Maybe more attention is given to ‘breaking news’ than given to ‘broken news.’

Some say certain laws in the country are broken. For example, there’re those who point to the issue of illegal crossing at the border. They want to close those loopholes. But not much is heard from those same people when it comes to closing the loopholes for weapons falling into the wrong hands. How come?

We joined together after 9-11 to address loopholes in air travel. We tightened things up at airports and across airlines. But with this spate of senseless violence it seems there’s no similar sense of urgency. So, if there’s a no-fly list, would it help to have a ‘no-buy’ list related to firearms as we do with cigarettes?

Every software company has a process for handling what’s known as a ‘severity 1’ problem. It involves a rapid response on the front-end and a root cause analysis on the back-end. This means getting past the immediate loss (downtime) in service, then correcting any programming defect in a future system update.

It seems after we get past the immediate loss of life in a tragedy, we return to the regularly scheduled programming. This means the system defect remains in place. Then after a while, it flairs up again and we repeat the same old broken cycle. That approach is often described as a stepping stone to insanity.

Citizen groups and many politicos have said repeatedly that we’re in a ‘severity 1’ and that something’s broken. But not much seems to change. It’s unacceptable to keep seeing innocent lives taken whether due to negligence, neglect or just ‘gaming the system.’ It’s unreal to be playing games with people’s lives.

Answer: Miley Cyrus

Groove-tracks: Mary J. Blige ft U2 – “One” – https://youtu.be/ZpDQJnI4OhU

Third World – “State of Siege” –  https://youtu.be/jdG81ZN6T0I

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