A Heads-up to American Politicians on Seeing Eye-to-Eye with Everyday Citizens


Trivia: What did Michael Jordan say was his dream job if he didn’t play NBA basketball? (Answer below)

Over 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a pivotal speech said “I have a dream that’s deeply rooted in the American Dream.” His speech was given at a time of heightened concern for civil rights. It was also a “Memo from Martin” as a heads-up to American politicians on seeing eye-to-eye with everyday citizens.

Dr. King felt that to fulfill our nation’s destiny or move past urban challenges/frustrations, involved having individual dreams rooted in the American Dream. This implies a social-capital infrastructure that moves us from dreams deferred to dreams deserved. So could this mean seeing “Citizens United” in a new way?

His speech was one of prophetic insight. He hoped that all races might sit at the table of “brotherly love.” It might also have been a speech with overlooked policy proposals. So here’s why his dream being rooted in the American Dream was like a mirror for “The Establishment” being linked to “The Community.”

In the mid-1950s the U.S. began an ambitious project that would eventually become the interstate highway system. It was seen as a way to invest in America’s infrastructure and be an important link for moving military equipment across the country. This road system moves millions of cars and cargo daily.

Then in the 80s another project came into the public domain as technology innovation. The Internet started out as a military computer system for inter-agency communication. Today the Internet is pretty much everywhere and is an important link for all forms of internal, external and global communication.

These “road and tech innovations” are in place. We move resources in leaps and bounds across towns, cities and states. So in 21st century America we should invest in a social innovations infrastructure that moves not only “The Establishment” but also dreams, communities and generations to the next level.

Presidential candidates have been debating the issues, trying to gain more traction. They want to overtake the frontrunner by sharing policy ideas for reform in immigration, the tax code, criminal justice and entitlements. Well, let’s hear what’s said about political or socioeconomic reforms and the Dream.

Answer: A Weatherman

Groove-tracks: Big Sean ft Kanye West, John Legend – “One Man Can Change The World” – https://youtu.be/GBVotNefYME

Kelly Clarkson – “People Like Us” –  https://youtu.be/yWbMz_aBlMU

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