How Labor Day Can Provide a Fresh Spark for the Next Great American Movement


Trivia: Which TV talk show host was disappointed by Nicki Minaj’s VMA spat with Miley Cyrus? (Answer below)

Speculation continues to swirl as to whether Vice President Joe Biden will join the Presidential race. Beyond his recent visit to Florida touting education initiatives, he also plans to join-in Labor Day events. Maybe the VP sees how Labor Day can provide a fresh spark for the next great American movement.

Over the past few election cycles there’s been a trend to highlight what’s affecting everyday Americans. The Tea Party crowd focused their attention on government inefficiencies. The Occupy Wall Street crowd pointed-out income inequalities. Now it’s the Black Lives Matter crowd dealing with social/legal injustices.

The pattern keeps repeating under different “street names.” It’s as if there’s an undercurrent of distrust/displeasure that keeps sounding the alarm. Maybe nobody is listening to the cries coming from all corners of the map. If Biden or others show they hear the people it would help to fire-up this movement.

The U.S. Department of Labor reminds us that ever since the start of Labor Day celebrations, it’s been a time for families to relax and have fun. Culturally it’s seen as the unofficial end to the summer season. But the holiday is really dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

What if it were also seen as a start (restart) for the unofficial push towards the next great American movement in social/economic transformation? It might mean modeling what happens when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. We must find ways to give wings to people, communities and dreams so they fly.

Maybe that’s where the Tea Party and Occupy movements left-off. The country’s 21st century social metamorphosis is waiting for wings. So, it will take leaders who can assemble teams to work on each wing. Not Democratic wing or Republican wing but “United States Airlines Wings.” (USA)

Remember when airlines gave kids wings? It was one of the greatest feelings that you had “arrived.” The flight attendant didn’t politicize your ideals, marginalize your ethnicity or categorize your background. America, if politicians were like flight attendants more folks would enjoy the feeling of having arrived.

Answer: Wendy Williams

Groove-tracks: Andra Day – “Rise Up” –

Little Mix – “Wings” –

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