What’s It Gonna Take to Turn the Corner or Change Lanes on Senseless Violence in America?


Trivia: Which Hollywood actor ‘threw shade’ at Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs movie role? (Answer below)

Washington D.C. is often seen as the seat of power within the halls of government. It’s where elected officials meet and work to make things happen for the country. When national problems arise they find solutions. So, what’s it gonna take to turn the corner or change lanes on senseless violence in America?

The comparisons to other countries or even to terrorism fail to move them into action. The statistics speak for themselves. A part of the problem is our country is affected by some kind of blind-spot. In addition, there may be certain ‘objects in the mirror’ that are preventing politicians from changing lanes.

After each occurrence they tweet condolences and give avoidance speeches. Then things return to where we left off. It’s easy to lose faith in our representatives when they’re clearer on what they can’t do than what they can do. Maybe this is as good a time to see our politicians be brave, not just bench warmers.

Some of the needed changes are a matter of process reform. There’s a process for a police academy recruit to be armed. Trainees are checked-out to have the right background, training and temperament. But for everyday citizens, being armed is like drive-thru service. What does that say about our system?

There’s a process to get a driver’s license or to vote that’s more thought-out than to make a weapon’s purchase. Plus, we have a situation where those who fall through the cracks seem to fit a pattern. To change lanes means taking a closer look at what’s causing them to choose powerless and purposeless.

Navigating the road to change is not just about blind-spots. Running for office has become an episode of the ‘Dating Game’ on campaign trails. Once in office, some officials become so ‘married’ to the same-old ‘Special Interest’ music in their ear. Then for regular folks it’s hard getting politicians to feel their pain.

When major events threaten our shores, economy or citizens we take decisive actions. This might involve deploying military or other resources, or enacting reasonable security measures. Yes, there might be temporary setbacks but we usually bounce-back. So, surely there must be something we can do here?

Answer: Michael Fassbender

Groove-tracks: Sara Bareilles – “Brave” – https://youtu.be/QUQsqBqxoR4

India Arie – “Brother’s Keeper” –  https://youtu.be/oaRPBU7Kw1Q

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