Marvin Gaye Once Asked “What’s Goin’ On” But Today We Ask “What the What?” #HometownInspiration


Trivia: Who’s the new record-holder for most music sales in a week? (Answer below)

The NY Daily News wants to make a point. Their cover story on the tragedy in San Bernardino read “God Isn’t Fixing This!” They and many others would like to vent frustration in strong terms. Over forty years ago, Marvin Gaye once asked “What’s Goin’ On” But today people are asking WTW – “What the What?”

There’re some world records that America should not be proud of. And denial is not going to change a thing. True, we lead in areas that make the country attractive to those looking for a better life. But it’s hard to see how more mass shootings than the number of days in a year fit with that ‘better life’ ideal.

America’s history of revolution, civil war, civil rights, stock market crashes and tech bubbles were previews to what’s being experienced now. As the back-stories are told it seems when we were more focused on ratings than on well-being, we became like a tree standing on the outside but dying inside.

Recently, the Syrian crisis became front and center. Some wanted America to offer refugee status. In 24 hours Congress got together to discuss putting a ‘pause’ on the refugee program. Whether the Bill made a difference is still debatable. So, what’s taking them so long to address senseless violence in America?

It’s hard to say there’s a common thread in all these events. Some point to domestic terrorism while others see radicalization attracting those who don’t feel like they fit-in or matter. So it might help to have a counter-radicalization effort to dispel propaganda with a new kind of powerful that’s ‘good enough.’

We increasingly live in a media-intensive world. The combo of social media and news media make it easier for people to project their reality. That reflects the culture of convenience today. So as everyday folks and public figures act shamelessly in rhetoric, they’ll be inciting those wanting to be the next Rambo.

We can safely say whether urban, suburban or rural, “if nothing changes in America, then nothing changes!” With a focus on ratings without well-being, we’ll have more senseless doings as human beings. If the harsh rhetoric doesn’t change, we’ll be telling it like it is without knowing what we’re dealing with.

Answer: Adele

Groove-tracks: All Star Tribute – “What’s Goin’ On” –,

‘Empire’ Cast  – “Powerful” –

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