If Leno Can Invite Letterman on His Show, Surely R’s and D’s Can Come Together as Us? – #HometownChat


Trivia: What’s the name of Jay Leno’s CNBC show? (Answer below)

It’s been a series of tragic events in Orlando that hit home everywhere. The scope of which might take a long time to sink in. Even Late Night hosts took a break from political fodder to offer words. Some might wonder if Jay Leno can invite David Letterman on his show, surely R’s and D’s can come together as Us?

After leaving the Tonight Show Leno began a new CNBC show featuring exotic cars. When asked by Extra about his old gig and the current presidential campaign he said “It’s just a different time. Now it’s all nasty, it seems like we’re going backward.” This was almost the same thing Letterman said not long ago.

While neither of them misses the late night grind, they both seem to have made similar points. For one, there’s the feeling that people aren’t impressed by what sounds like a battle between political animosity and public policy. One side wants to stick it to the other side while citizens feel like things are stacked.

There’s a famed Nobel prized economist who lays out a view for rewriting the rules of the American economy. Other elected officials have campaigned on the idea that things are unbalanced. In one sense it’s like someone who’s beyond being boozed or snoozed. There’s a wobbly feeling in moving along.


Leno knows this feeling. When the tire on his car is unbalanced this causes a rough ride. If it’s not corrected, other parts of the vehicle will be affected. Eventually this could lead to a total breakdown. The fix is having the wheels rebalanced. This is true for cars and for an unbalanced life or economic system.

The campaigns are about to enter the Conventions phase. There might not be a magic answer for fixing the social inequalities of today. But if not addressed they’re likely to become bigger social inequities tomorrow. So there’s something to be said about not having citizens feel it’s just another Reality show.

Leno thinks Letterman would be great on the new season of his show. While they were past competitors, they seem to be on a similar page today. That’s something everyday citizens hope to see among public officials as well. Wouldn’t it be fun to catch both white-haired, gray-bearded guys revving their engines?

Answer: Jay Leno’s Garage


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