Cuba Gooding Jr. Cried and Beyoncé Called for Calm After Tragedies that Spark Protests – #HometownChat


Trivia: Which former big-city mayor had social media buzzing after a media appearance? (Answer below)

There are events in life that we remember how we felt when they happened. For some it was news of Dr. King or John F. Kennedy being shot. The past few days ring equally true. So Cuba Gooding Jr. cried and Beyoncé called for calm as a way to get a grip on things when stuff happening around us says otherwise.

None of us can feel the pain of those affected families. But we all feel the pain of senseless tragedy. Addressing the Dallas events, Hillary Clinton told CNN “This is the kind of call to action, and as president, I would implement the very comprehensive set of proposals that I’ve been making for more than a year.”

There’re those who see Black Lives Matter as a way to voice deeper concerns. Others see Blue Lives Matter as a way to express solidarity to the police fraternity. How we bridge the divide and distrust will determine how we reach higher. King and Kennedy might have us realize that Purposeful Lives Count.

When the events of 9/11 occurred, our elected officials found ways to come together. One of the lessons from those days was in how we connected with the power of shared value and purpose. The public policy proposals, decisions and rhetoric from officials and everyday citizens can help with setting that tone.


Just think about it, we don’t see motor speedway race cars on our streets and highways. Those cars are restricted to select venues. It makes sense that ‘fun + purpose’ means where race cars play is different from where regular cars drive. So why is it that we can’t take a similar approach with certain weaponry?

During these moments we might feel disgusted, distraught and maybe even disempowered. The natural tendency is to flip the switch in our emotions. The knee-jerk response is to throw logic out the door. But when people use shock value to get their point across it can add more distance between us as citizens.

These days the hardest thing to makes sense of is why some would stir division as opposed to espouse a vision. King gave us a dream. Kennedy gave us a vision. A ‘dream + vision’ helps lessen division. King and Kennedy might remind us that “division seeks the love of power while vision seeks the power of love!”

After 9/11 we re-grouped with a ‘we the people’ kind of spirit. So things can change for the better if public policy proposals protect us from the loss of life with the same fervor as avoiding the perceived loss of rights. Maybe real freedom is in becoming an America with a greater sense of purpose on our plates.

Answer: Rudy Giuliani


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