Joe Biden & Harry Reid Would Have Us Know Stuff Happened in the 2016 Presidential Elections – #HometownChat


#HometownChat – “Smart Community, Special Service, Civic Dreams”

The 2016 elections shock has set in. So I decided to do something that I haven’t done in a while. It meant putting on my ‘tech head’ hat from my old professional days as a computer engineer. Each time the product was shipped to the customer, before it went ‘live’ we’d do a process called Root Cause Analysis.

This meant a deep-dive into the guts of the software code to see the root cause for ‘bugs’ (errors) found in the system. After a similar approach with the election results a few things stood out. Even VP Joe Biden and Senator Harry Reid would have us know stuff happened in the 2016 Presidential elections.

The biggest thing was WMDs – Weapons of Mass Dah! Some say the reason was fake news. But it was really about suppressing, depressing and polluting the electoral atmosphere. There’s even more that can be said which falls under the ‘Birtherism’ banner (let that simmer for a minute and then press continue).

Sure, some people were ‘angry with the system’ and used their vote as their voice. Others were angry with their situation and latched-on to what might be seen as ‘bravado-outsider-change.’ Then there was the backlash (also called ‘whitelash’) that came with distortion, delusion and distraction (more Dah!).

In the full root cause report it details four things we should ‘let the people know’ before President Obama goes. He shouldn’t have to carry the weight and burden of proof by himself after he leaves office. There’re even things we learn from trailblazers in our recent and distant past that we can use to move ahead.


So what does it mean to go from battleground to common ground? Well we shouldn’t lose our common sense. But we can use as a model folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President John F. Kennedy and Joseph (the original dreamer). They left us a blueprint for making a difference as follows:

  1. Be Watchful: Things to watch and fight for in how citizens get treated.
  2. Be Powerful: Things to live and reach for in how citizens rise to the occasion.
  3. Be Fruitful: Things to have and hold for how citizens secure shared-benefits & inalienable rights.
  4. Be Graceful (and Grateful): Things to love and leave as a legacy for the next generation.

We’ve seen a rise in incidents of hate, hurt and hogwash. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to know the root cause. During the campaign it was described as a “We the People” movement. Well, history shows there’re those who work towards a more perfect union and others towards a more pissed-off union.

Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” Today he’d join Dr. King with those working towards a more perfect union who’re concerned about the ‘Reversing of America.’ King might go further in telling the pissed-off crowd “Yes, It’s our Country” (too).

King and Kennedy knew there’s power in our vote and voice if used wisely. There’s also power in how we serve a greater purpose and channel our passions. We see that in the story of Joseph. He was miss-treated, lied-upon and falsely imprisoned. He later rose to the occasion in becoming a major public figure.

He did it using his gifts and working his ground. Everybody doesn’t have the same gifts. But every soul is birthed with at least one free gift. Gifts and talents are like yeast and slices in a loaf of bread. Some people have one, two or more personal strengths in how they make their paycheck bread. Plus, it’s working your gifts and talents that help make acclaim rise and made Dr. King soar to the occasion.

Over time we can judge the fruits of our labor and actions of political leaders. According to a social influence expert, what some Presidents do makes them famous or puts them in a sorry class of infamy. History reminds us of the latter from former U.S. Presidents Warren G. Harding and James Buchanan.

They’d miss-out on the Presidential Hall of Fame. Harding filled his cabinet with campaign supporters who enriched themselves. Buchanan seemed un-interested and didn’t do much to end slavery. He served just before President Lincoln prior to the Civil War. Could there be parallels in what’s happening now?

Even-though we find unease/disdain for what lies ahead there’s still room for hope and light to shine. Dr. King as a Baptist preacher might call our attention to insightful words from the Psalms saying “For God’s wrath can flare-up in a moment.” Maybe that’s why he had such grace under mounting pressure for social change. This and more he left us as a model for our generation.

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