What America Needs Right Now: 4 Problems With the Stories We’re Getting from Public Officials Who Should Know Better


Social Commentary

The Dallas Cowboys have a new coach! The New England Patriots hope to hold on to their ‘old’ quarterback. That’s how sports talk in the first week of 2020 might be summarized. Neither team made it to the playoffs so some changes in personnel were expected. This has the sports world buzzing.

In the case of ‘breaking news,’ the unfolding story revolves around Impeachment and Iran. Some are considering the question, which comes first? Based on the news timeline it’s impeachment which started first. But based on public attention it might be a matter of what you think is most important to the country.

With the presidential campaigns taking shape, the next few months are expected to be fast and furious. Candidates face primaries in many States which will help to set the stage for the convention later in the year. Some feel that what America needs right now is a good look at itself. Who are we as a nation?


More directly, what America needs right now is to clearly see the four problems with the stories we’re getting from public officials who should know better. Otherwise, as citizens we’ll keep being sold a bill of goods. Part of our civic duty is based on a decision of who should represent us in public office. The four problems with the stories being told are:

  1. Integrity and diplomacy are being replaced by ego and disinformation.

We’re on the brink of a new escalation in war-like rhetoric which points back to some decisions. These actions were made less around integrity and diplomacy and more around ego and disinformation. Unlike the ‘NAFTA 2.0’ agreement, the Iran Deal and Climate Accord were scrapped before a new plan was put in place. There’s the obvious explanation that while NAFTA was done under President George W. Bush, the Iran Deal and Climate Accord were done under Obama.

  1. Actions to uphold an oath to the Constitution are being replaced by actions to drive the media cycle.

There’s concern by some as to whether the Senate Impeachment trial will be fair. The subtext to that concern is whether it will be treated as a legitimate pursuit of the facts or simply as a ‘reality show’ drama. It’s as if the oath to the Constitution plays second fiddle to the gamesmanship at hand. Even in the case of the Iran tensions there’s a battle also brewing between our different branches of government.

  1. What’s being said doesn’t always reflect what’s meant.

Our human experience is managed by how we spend the days of the week, weeks of the month and months of the year. This is seen in our calendar of events. Imagine if we’re arguing about whether Monday is really Monday or if January is really January? Our days, weeks and months would have little or no meaning. That’s some of what we have when dealing with explanations from public officials. What’s being said doesn’t always reflect what’s meant.


  1. Public service based on purpose and honor is being overshadowed by service based on privilege.

There two ways people might approach public service. One is to see themselves as an extension or expression of public good. The other is to see themselves as an extension or expression of a privileged view. We find this back-and-forth battle throughout the annals of America’s history. Where we are today seems to have public service reflecting an upside-down smile emoji.

Some die-hard sport fans see the Cowboys over the years as a team with promise but without a playoff win. They, like other professional teams, have been going around in circles trying to find the right combination of talent, passion and coaching. Well as citizens if we’re not careful, we’ll keep going around in circles too. This might happen if greater promise as a nation gets turned into a skewed form of public service. What America Needs right now is to bring down the rhetoric and slow down the bleed.

Tracks: Post Malone – Circles  – https://youtu.be/wXhTHyIgQ_U

Skip Marley Ft. H.E.R. – Slow Down – https://youtu.be/p4jZKM5Y6-0

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