Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and the Real Power to Awaken Your Magnificence


Trivia: Which sports star’s name gives the media the most trouble in spelling? (Answer below)

More than 50 years ago Disney released the animated movie Sleeping Beauty. It told a story of celebration turned to indignation. A princess was born but the evil fairy Maleficent showed-up uninvited to the christening. Jolie plays the evil one as the story shows the real power to awaken your magnificence.

Jolie’s character felt slighted for not being invited. So, she placed a curse on the new princess. To minimize the effects of the curse one of the good-natured fairies instead placed the princess in a deep sleep. She would only be awakened from that sleep by a kiss of true love.

This could be the story of good over evil. Maleficent’s motives did not prevail in the long-run. But even beyond that it’s the fact that to awakening the “giant in you” takes a stroke of love. That’s what passion is all about. It’s doing something you love to do so that “good, better, best” shines through.

It goes a step further as seen in the high school graduation of Griffin Furlong. He was featured on the nightly news as a “homeless valedictorian.” His speech was a reminder to the graduates of what it takes to awaken your passion. He said “You can achieve anything with motivation, ambition and purpose.”

Jolie’s movie made box-office records in its opening weekend. Some people might have gone for the throwback to Sleeping Beauty. Others might have gone to see the dark side of Maleficent. Whatever the case, our real power lays not in the hurt or slights we receive but in the love and genius that we achieve.

Tip: When you awaken your purpose and passion you bring to life your magnificence.

Answer: Dwyane Wade (The ‘y’ often gets tossed around)

Corbin Bleu Wants to Make Greater Inroads as a Hollywood Star


Trivia: Which NFL player was recently seen at the post-Superbowl Disney parade? (Answer below)

Everybody knows the Disney brand as a big tourist attraction. Their parks cover hundreds of acres with rides and stage shows. People flock from near and far to see Mickey & Minnie. Disney is just as big when it comes to launching movie careers. So Corbin Bleu hopes to make greater inroads as a Hollywood star.

Many know him from the High School Musical series. Bleu has had various roles in film and television. Beyond being an actor, he’s also a dancer, producer and singer/songwriter. He’s been cast on daytime and in primetime on Dancing with the Stars. Bleu takes his passion as serious as he does his life’s work.

He remembers being miss-treated as a child because of his biracial heritage. This helps explain why he’s so driven to help shift the tide on bullying. He’s producing a film called “The Day I Died’ about a friendship between two teens that goes sour. He’s tapping into something that others describe as soul-shine.

Bleu knows what soul-shine does for humanity is like what sunshine does for the earth. You know how the sun lights up the morning horizon, delivers energy for all living things and blazes a trail across the sky. Well, that’s how soul-shine is as a light-source and awakening force across the human landscape.

On an upcoming interview for Oprah’s Where Are They Now, he talks about embracing his Italian and Jamaican background. He doesn’t want to limit his acting roles to being seen as the ‘token black.’ But he also doesn’t want to shut the door on movies for black audiences. Bleu simple wants to be true to himself.

Tip: When the sun shines people come out and play. When the soul shines play comes out of people to the cheers of screaming fans.

Answer: Seattle Seahawks’ Malcolm Smith