Iggy Azalea Goes MIA on Social Media and TBA on Her Concert Tour for The Best


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The Awards Season in entertainment rolls on! From music to movies to television, celebrities get to party with their peers. Usually social media is abuzz with fan-demonium from those among the red-carpet brigade. These days it seems Iggy Azalea has gone MIA on social media and TBA on her concert tour.

Her record company and management team have put the brakes on her Great Escape Concert Tour. Some speculate that there’re rifts in her camp. Others see it as fallout from recent episodes of her online meltdown. There was even a tweet from her account that said she’d be taking a break from social media.

The official word is that they need more time in development. Her PR people said “To accommodate for creative team availability and tour production plans, it was determined that the tour will not be ready this Spring.” Maybe it’s a matter of needing more time before unveiling the fruits of her musical talents.

Sometimes careers and businesses seem to go MIA just like entertainers. That’s similar to what happens when a fruit is in season and then is out of season. There’s a development process that takes a fruit from green to ripe. Similarly there’s a process and a season that takes professionals from “not to hot to great.”

So Azalea’s concert tour has been moved from spring to fall. It’s yet to be announced who’ll be the opening acts. Maybe she won’t be seen performing or profiling at the iHeart Music Awards. She’ll be using her time to get ready for taking her show on the road. It’s important to her that she delivers her best.

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