Lebron James and Dak Prescott Set out to Raise their Impact in the Game and Voice off the Field


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The dust might have settled on news that Lebron James is leaving Cleveland and going to LA. But long before announcing that move, ground was broken for the building of a new school. With the arrival of opening day for the I Promise public school, James hasn’t forgotten that he’s just a kid from Akron.

While NBA basketball is in its off-season NFL football is in its pre-season. The rookies get their feet wet and work thru the early jitters while veterans like Dak Prescott work thru some of the normal drills. Pros like James and Prescott are always looking to raise their impact in the game and voice off the field.


So it’s not surprising that both would sound-off on matters of social injustice. Prescott’s take on the NFL player protests seems to line-up with those who see it as a distraction where the kneeling has been over-played. He feels it’s time to move-on with the business of scoring touchdowns and winning games.

James says he has become more outspoken since the Trayvon Martin tragedy. This hit close to home because he has two boys. But he’s even more disturbed by how Sports has been used recently by some as a divisive force. He prefers it to be a way to unite and celebrate as a positive force.

One way to look at this ongoing challenge is whether we’re dealing with ‘America Turned-up or America Turned-out.’ The things that James is doing to support and empower his community represent America turned-up. The excitement about his move to the Lakers is certainly going to have fans turned-up.

There’s another side to America we’re seeing lately that feels like America turned-out. Consider the news story of a neighbor calling police on actor Ving Rhames saying he’s an intruder when Rhames was in his own house. It’s a reminder of the cultural perception of ‘white is always right and black is always whack.’

On a deeper level, it’s a hint of what could be happening when we see a mound of dirt around a tree that’s not growing or appears to be dying. At first it might look like a big ants nest. However upon closer inspection by turning over the soil, there’s a whole bunch of insects and worms crawling underneath.

That kind of ‘America turned-out’ might be revealing an underside that’s been underground and has been tuned-over in a divisive social climate. As someone on social media put it, it’s like calling 911 has become customer service for people’s fear, hatred and bigotry. That’s the stuff that’s crawling underneath socially.

James, Prescott and others in pro sports set out to be not just players in the game but also impact players off the field. For them it’s about giving youth the chance to realize their full potential. It’s about helping folks stay on the straight and narrow as opposed to getting caught-up in the crazy of tomorrow.

There’ve been so many stories across the country of people being reported to police for strange reasons. From college campuses to gated communities the social insects & worms have been turned-out. So when we say ‘This is America’ do you see it as America turned-up or America turned-out? It’s a no brainer!

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Justin Bieber Makes Walk on the Wall of China Look Like a Fake Royal Parade


Trivia: Which rapper’s daughter was recently named High School Homecoming Queen? (Answer below)

It seems Justin Bieber is slowly coming up for air. He went through a breakup with Selena Gomez that left him stunned. He’s been on his Believe Tour with recent stops in China. Bieber has had his run-ins with the paparazzi. But noone’s blaming them for his Wall of China visit pics looking like a fake Royal Parade.

He was seen being carried on the shoulders of his bodyguards. Many thought it was disrespectful, maybe even immature. The Bieber faithful saw nothing to scream about. They felt it’s his prerogative since he pays his bodyguards. Now that he’s a global success Bieber must be oozing with happiness.

He’s released the first single Heartbreaker from his upcoming album. It gives flashbacks of his Gomez dating days. Bieber gave a nod to Oprah saying that it was her comments about keeping a journal that helped him make it through. Could journaling be one way of getting closer to experiencing happiness?

Bieber is not the only celebrity who has made such a claim. Others have shared similar tales of going from the ‘dumps to fist bumps.’ Many relate stories of triumphs and setbacks. It’s almost as if at the end of the day that happiness is found somewhere between heartbreaker and ‘aha moment’ tear-jerker.

Could Bieber’s next tour-stop be in Switzerland? A recent report from the World Economic Forum reveals that the people there are among the happiest and healthiest in the world. It’s due to the high level of investment in social-capital and human talent. Maybe Bieber is preparing to be such a world Ambassador.

Tip: The secret to more sex is not the same as the secret to happiness even though one can complement the other.

Answer: Eminem; his daughter is Hailie Scott