NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Sends a Message by Taking a Stand


Trivia: Which NBA team went undefeated in the first round of the playoffs? (Answer below)

It first started as a report from the tabloid site TMZ. They released an audio recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s disparaging remarks. As the story got traction we learned that he’s had similar negative situations in the past. So NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took a stand and sent a message. He banned Sterling for life from having any involvement with the team/league. It seems fans, players and sports analysts alike think Silver made the right decision. Even President Obama while on his Asian trip expressed concerns. Silver went a step further in recommending that Sterling be stripped of the team. The debate in sports circles is whether that will happen. How can other owners cause another to lose team ownership? Well, it seems there’s a league constitution that owners sign as part of the business relationship. This document supposedly spells out the purposes and practices for successful operation. It probably reads like and serves as a legal document between the parties. In the regular world there are purposes and practices that lead to success as well. Some people might spell it out in a vision statement or in a purpose thread. The idea is to string that thread into the fabric of your true calling. Commissioner Silver said the decision wasn’t about Sterling or the Clippers. It was more about the brand and the stain of intolerance. It might also have been influenced by the “brotherhood” of the players who had begun taking their own stand. At the end of the day human bond is thicker than “Benjamin billions.” Tip: Your life’s purpose might equate to taking a stand, your true calling might relate to sending a message. Answer: Miami Heat


Carmelo Anthony Gave Knicks Teammates a ‘Big Papi’ Type Wakeup Call


Trivia: Which NFL franchise remains as the only undefeated team so far this season? (Answer below)

“The NY Knicks are a mess” was the lead-in by a local sportscaster. Yes, it’s still early in the season but the team’s play has been flat. Center Tyson Chandler was recently injured. To add insult to injury they lost by 31 points to San Antonio. So Carmelo Anthony gave his teammates a ‘Big Papi’ type wake-up call.

When you listen to Carmelo you wonder if the team needs a shot of inspiration or motivation. Chandler said they’re not playing as a unit. They need to have more balanced contribution as a team. In the words of coach Woodson and even Carmelo it sounds like they need to believe in themselves more.

It’s amazing what a little pep-talk can do. We saw an example in the MLB World Series when David Ortiz pulled a few players aside in the dugout. The next inning his teammate hit a 3-run homer. Sometimes inspiration will get the ball rolling. But it will also take a pinch of motivation to keep things going.

So is the difference between inspiration and motivation like that between coffee and tea? Well, inspiration is usually good for seeing the light so more vision can get through. Motivation is good for turning enlightened vision into reality. It’s like threading the needle of light’s real colors into the fabric of life.

Maybe that’s what Carmelo, Chandler and coach Woodson hope to get across to the team. It’s not just about being fired-up to play. It’s about carrying the fire through your play. Each player’s hustle helps to spread the fire leading to empowered play. It might also help when your butt is on the line with the owner.

Tip: A shot of inspiration might get things rolling but follow-thru motivation keeps things going.

Answer: Kansas City Chiefs