From Highs to Lows and Back: How a Legacy Story Gets Started, Whether You Realize It or Not!

Doc Cunningham
“Da Island Guy”

From Highs to Lows and Back: How a Legacy Story Gets Started, Whether You Realize It or Not!

Most people remember where they were in 2001 when 9/11 happened. It was one of those days that you can think back to the time and place as news broke. Throughout life we have moments, some good some bad where you might reminisce on how you felt and maybe how it created a shift in perspective.

Such was the case in my journey not only after 9/11 but also hearing a celebrity comedian tell his story. He was on the radio chopping-it-up on how he’d hit rock bottom and prayed to God for help to turn things around. He was basically looking for a roadmap that would take him from highs to lows and back.

Good Life Roadmap

He explained how after that rock bottom moment his career started to turn for the better. And now he was launching his own syndicated radio show out of NY. Just around 2012 was my rock bottom of trying to go from highs to lows and back too. So, I basically prayed to God like that celebrity with some questions:

  • How can I have my own story to tell as he did?
  • What needs to happen to help turn things around?

Not long after came clues on getting the answers. It was like having the option to roll with a new sense of purpose and mojo, with a vision for career, community and family. Since that time, the vision has been coming into fruition thru my gift for writing. In other words, I’ve been blogging the vision into existence.

Vision into Action

1. Blog-tastic! – Dream Track, Career Groove (

After leaving a computer engineer career to pursue my dreams, I soon ended up doing local radio. Then came the writing of a couple books and a 2-year stint hosting/producing a local TV show. The idea of leaving a full-time job for full-time dreams takes a leap of faith. My experience gets told in the blog of how it involves planning, passion, pizzazz and patience to steer in the right direction. This might be very timely in our post-Covid world as folks make career moves up, sideways and out.

2. See America In Color – “Smart Civics, Better Picture” (

Between 2012 & 2015 the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC rocked the nation. There was also Heather Heyer’s death in Charlottesville VA in 2017. These events caused some frustration around social/racial issues and justice matters. This inspired a deep dive in American history, the ‘Black to America’ story and #HometownStrong comebacks which provided a better picture and understanding for life’s “isms and schisms”.

3. Family History & Birthday Blog – Legacy Past, Present & Future (

Connecting history to everyday life meant getting a better sense for my own family roots. Over the years of digging up old pictures and stories from talking with family in Jamaica and the U.S., a four-part gameplan emerged. This effort was even more important during Covid shutdown as mental health issues took center stage. There was the suicide by my daughter’s college-mate that really hit home. So this blog is a way to celebrate families going through the “ins & outs, ups & downs” of life.

Family History

I’ve never had to tell my story before in this way, had other things on my plate. I try to live by the phrase “It’s not about me, but about Him who sent me.” Some family, friends and peers know bits and pieces watching things unfold over the years. A handful might know the timeframe of different setbacks along the way.

It’s important to share this because in life whether individually, family or nation we’ll find ourselves at forks in the road, inflection points or transition moments. So the takeaway… this journey was preparing me to tell my story and help chart a legacy for kids, young adults and future generations of hustle personified.

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