Nik Wallenda Must be the Craziest Person Living Beyond His Wildest Dreams


Who’s the greatest daredevil/stuntman to have walked the earth? There was a time Evil Knievel would get top votes. Then Steve Irwin came along rising to stardom as a crocodile hunter. These days Nik Wallenda is make high-wire walking look easy. He must be the craziest person living beyond his wildest dreams.

Wallenda is a seventh generation performer whose most recent stunt was broadcast live on cable. He did a couple death-defying acts in walking across Chicago skyscrapers. He set two Guinness World Records for steepest climb and doing the second blindfolded. He says this is his calling and what he’s made to do.

In a sense he feels what he’s made to do is what makes him do these crazy stunts. Just think of the risks associated with what he does. Wallenda says these performances are about upping his game and inspiring others to do the same. He shows the world how life’s calling will make us do things that inspire.

This latest feat was a tough act to watch. When the cameras zoomed in it looked like just another wall in the park. But when the cameras zoomed out, he looked like an ant walking towards the nest. What we’re made to do doesn’t have to be this crazy. But it might involve something we’re dared to do.

This takes some perspective that requires zooming-in and zooming-out. When we zoom in on our goals we become more committed to making them real. When we zoom-out we get a sense for the kind of impact we can make. This ‘in and out’ creates a balanced approach to squashing fears and shifting gears.

At the end of the ‘double-jeopardy’ Wallenda was asked about his confidence going into the event. He talked about how much he had prepared for this performance and how his confidence had grown after crossing the Grand Canyon. These two factors were important for believing it was more than possible.

He was asked if he heard the roar of the crowd while crossing the wire. He said it was such a boost to his confidence. He even wanted to pause and take a selfie midway through the stunt. It’s as if he was saying that what we’re here to do and prepared to do gives us something for which we’ll be cheered to do.

What’s next for Wallenda the flying squirrel? His wife might prefer to say “we’re going to Disney World.” But Wallenda says his next act is to honor his great-grandfather. He wants to do two headstands while straddling across Tallulah canyon, a 1000-ft gorge in the mountains of Georgia. So what’s our excuse?


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Sends a Message by Taking a Stand


Trivia: Which NBA team went undefeated in the first round of the playoffs? (Answer below)

It first started as a report from the tabloid site TMZ. They released an audio recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s disparaging remarks. As the story got traction we learned that he’s had similar negative situations in the past. So NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took a stand and sent a message. He banned Sterling for life from having any involvement with the team/league. It seems fans, players and sports analysts alike think Silver made the right decision. Even President Obama while on his Asian trip expressed concerns. Silver went a step further in recommending that Sterling be stripped of the team. The debate in sports circles is whether that will happen. How can other owners cause another to lose team ownership? Well, it seems there’s a league constitution that owners sign as part of the business relationship. This document supposedly spells out the purposes and practices for successful operation. It probably reads like and serves as a legal document between the parties. In the regular world there are purposes and practices that lead to success as well. Some people might spell it out in a vision statement or in a purpose thread. The idea is to string that thread into the fabric of your true calling. Commissioner Silver said the decision wasn’t about Sterling or the Clippers. It was more about the brand and the stain of intolerance. It might also have been influenced by the “brotherhood” of the players who had begun taking their own stand. At the end of the day human bond is thicker than “Benjamin billions.” Tip: Your life’s purpose might equate to taking a stand, your true calling might relate to sending a message. Answer: Miami Heat

Berry Gordy & Nelson Mandela’s Daughter Drop Wisdom in BET Honors Acceptance


Trivia: Who was the winner of the NACCP Image Award for Realty TV Series? (Answer below)

How often do we see cultural giants on the same stage? We got a glimpse at the recent BET Honors Awards. There were awards given in the areas of Entertainment, Visual/Musical Arts, Corporate Citizen and Champion of Humanity. Before it was over, Nelson Mandela’s daughter dropped some wisdom.

Berry Gordy got things rolling when he accepted the visionary award. He started Motown Records in Detroit with $800 borrowed from family. The company became a major force during the civil rights struggles of the 60s and beyond. Gordy would eventually sign a rising star named Michael Jackson.

His focus was on producing music that would be enjoyed by all people. That ideal propelled his rise, fueled by vision and passion. Gordy went on to sign a who’s who of performing artists that became widely successful in music and on stage. His business mind and eye for talent helped spur his meteoric acclaim.

Gordy shared wisdom on the music business. Nelson Mandela’s daughter did the same for her father’s life principles. It’s as if she said he maintained an inner core that was about not judging others, not being jealous of others’ success and forgiving others by moving past “retaliation thinking” towards his true calling.

This year’s show was hosted by Wayne Brady. He’s doing his Vegas show these days but we got a taste of his ad-lib fluency. That’s what rappers might refer to as “freestyling.” Maybe the real lesson from Gordy and others is that success is a matter of freestyling your game in a way that makes life’s journey fun.

Tip: The road to success has fuel stations named vision and passion that when combined with a freestyling approach to your game makes life’s journey fun.

Answer: Iyanla, Fix My Life

Shirley Temple Sang, Danced and Even Had a Drink Named After Her


Trivia: Name two countries where Shirley Temple served as Ambassador? (Answer below)

Bright eyes, pretty hair! That may be one way to describe Shirley Temple. She was first-known as a child-actor who wowed audiences during the Depression era. Temple earned more money as a child that she could retire early at age 22. She sang, danced and even had a drink named after her.

There’re mixed stories as to when the drink was first named. It’s said that while at a Hollywood party she couldn’t be served alcohol as a minor. So the bartender came up with a non-alcoholic beverage that became her namesake.  Whether that’s true or not, you never heard about much personal life drama.

She stepped away from the camera and shifted gears into public service. Temple served as Ambassador on two separate occasions. She was also a delegate to the United Nations. Temple proved that acting might have been her passion but there was more to a professional life that involved vocational pursuits.

Many of today’s kids can be heard placing Shirley Temple drink orders. The mothers and daughters might even be sporting Shirley Temple curls. It’s not a lot of child actors who maintain street cred in their adult years. Temple left the world some rich memories that speak to a legacy of being remembered always.

How many people can say they’ve had something named in their honor? And how many child actors can say they made the switch from Hollywood to civic icon? Well, after you’ve called a name or two you might stop there. Temple’s life’s journey is certainly one that brought her true calling to light in many ways.

Tip: Your true calling pulls together your professional work and personal life in a way that leaves a lasting legacy.

Answer: Ghana, Czechoslovakia

Alec Baldwin and George Zimmerman, Anger Management Issues or What?


Trivia: Name the President who delivered a historic speech 150 years ago this week? (Answer below)

George Zimmerman and Alec Baldwin made news again, same stuff different day. Zimmerman’s girlfriend called 9-1-1 to report that he threatened her with a gun. Baldwin had his MSNBC show suspended after a skirmish with media. So, do Zimmerman and Baldwin have anger management issues or what?

With his 30 Rock NBC sitcom in local syndication Baldwin must have more time on his hand. In the case of Zimmerman, many feel he has Trayvon Martin’s blood on his hand. Both seem to keep repeating the same old song and dance. Could it be they have some work to do in-season and out-of-season?

Every organized sport or tv show has its season. It’s a period in which they receive a lot more attention than normal. The season provides a certain flow. Maybe that’s part of the problem. For Zimmerman, he’s yet to figure-out his true season. And Baldwin is in between gigs now that the 30 Rock season is no more.

Successful careers have their seasons as well. This is a period where many shine in the spotlight and capitalize on what they’ve sown. So, it’s important to know what you must do out-of-season to reap the rewards in-season. That means growing the fruit of your spirit and ripening the passion of your calling.

Just imagine hearing a fruit on a tree cursing-out another? Or going to the supermarket and seeing one fruit having anger management spats with another? It just doesn’t happen in fruitville. So we can learn a thing or two from the produce-section for why Baldwin and Zimmerman might be falling short of ripe.

Tip: Successful people do some growing out-of-season to be ripe for the pickings in-season.

Answer: Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

Julianne Hough’s Halloween Costume Went Up In Smokes


Trivia: What’s the name of the actress who plays “Crazy Eyes” in a Netflix series? (Answer below)

Halloween is in the air with lots of costumes to judge. The early favorite seems to be a Miley Cyrus flashback to the VMAs. Of-course, there are the usual suspects of a more tame variety. This is a time when ghosts and goblins might show up in jokes. Well, Julianne Hough’s costume went up in smokes.

She attended a L.A. party in blackface dressed as “Crazy Eyes.” That’s a Character from the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” The show is set in an environment with orange jumpsuits and the like. The costume backlash blew-up on social media. Hough has since apologized for offending others.

The history of Halloween and blackface makes this an interesting situation. One evolved out of a Christian-influenced tradition rooted in remembering the dead. The latter one deals with a 19th century social practice of demeaning black people. For Hough to bring them together might make secular sense.

But let’s flip the scrip and look at a different combination related to spiritual sense. Whether you dress-up or not, it’s important to play-up one’s anointing and covering. Your anointing is that special gifting that makes you rock. Your covering is that special authority that instructs and protects how you rock and roll.

It seems Hough had the idea to show-up in a costume that would be seen as popular. But instead she was received in a way that was controversial. How people feel about “Orange is the New Black” is for another day. But every day there’s a true calling that’s trying to get out of many an inner prison.

Tip: Your true calling might start out as spiritual and end up as secular or social but can keep its original intent if it contributes a benefit that has soul-force popularity.

Answer: Uzo Aduba

Justin Bieber Makes Walk on the Wall of China Look Like a Fake Royal Parade


Trivia: Which rapper’s daughter was recently named High School Homecoming Queen? (Answer below)

It seems Justin Bieber is slowly coming up for air. He went through a breakup with Selena Gomez that left him stunned. He’s been on his Believe Tour with recent stops in China. Bieber has had his run-ins with the paparazzi. But noone’s blaming them for his Wall of China visit pics looking like a fake Royal Parade.

He was seen being carried on the shoulders of his bodyguards. Many thought it was disrespectful, maybe even immature. The Bieber faithful saw nothing to scream about. They felt it’s his prerogative since he pays his bodyguards. Now that he’s a global success Bieber must be oozing with happiness.

He’s released the first single Heartbreaker from his upcoming album. It gives flashbacks of his Gomez dating days. Bieber gave a nod to Oprah saying that it was her comments about keeping a journal that helped him make it through. Could journaling be one way of getting closer to experiencing happiness?

Bieber is not the only celebrity who has made such a claim. Others have shared similar tales of going from the ‘dumps to fist bumps.’ Many relate stories of triumphs and setbacks. It’s almost as if at the end of the day that happiness is found somewhere between heartbreaker and ‘aha moment’ tear-jerker.

Could Bieber’s next tour-stop be in Switzerland? A recent report from the World Economic Forum reveals that the people there are among the happiest and healthiest in the world. It’s due to the high level of investment in social-capital and human talent. Maybe Bieber is preparing to be such a world Ambassador.

Tip: The secret to more sex is not the same as the secret to happiness even though one can complement the other.

Answer: Eminem; his daughter is Hailie Scott